Why are you promoting a scam (religion)?

Why are you promoting a scam (religion)?

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This question comes from an Atheist on Twitter. Based on some of his/her follow up dialogue I can assess that he/she has some baggage associated with organized religion.

Oddly enough just a few days ago I attended an interfaith dinner. It just so happened that the individual leading the discussion at my table was an Atheist. Each of the 8 individuals sitting at my table were from different faith traditions. None of us were combative. None of us tried to convince that our stance was right. Instead we sat and learned. In listening we learned that we actually had a lot in common.

I share my faith because I’ve experienced what I believe is the hand of God moving in my life and the world. Although this is the case, I will NEVER try to convince someone that they have to believe like I do. Instead, I will ask, can we work