How do you overcome rejection?

How do you overcome rejection?

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Rejection is can be a tough thing. Trust me I know. I go through some sort of rejection on a weekly basis as a business owner and a church planter. Whether it’s a proposal not being accepted or meeting someone who is excited about The Opened Box but can’t help out, I have to face rejection. The important thing is to be able to bounce back. Below are 3 ways I overcome rejection.

1. Understand the success (or failure ratio) of what you are looking to accomplish.
When I understand what I am up against going into a task, I am able to adjust my expectations accordingly. When my expectations are in alignment with raw data or facts, the blow of rejection is lessened.

2. Mind, Body and Soul, care for each aspect equally.
The feelings around rejection are liable to attack your entire being. Develop a routine to care for each on a daily basis. When rejected never stop your self-care regiment. As it relates to the mind only intake things that will lift your spirit. Never consume information that will extend the hurt of rejection. Care for your body by exercising. My physical regiment includes running, weight training and yoga. Finally, care for your soul. Pray and meditate. Mediation has been big for me this year. Ten minutes of daily meditation daily has eased the tension I have regarding rejection.

3. Have fun. Be sure to get out and do something that will bring joy to your life.

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