1 Thing Church Leaders Can Learn From Beyonce’s iTunes Album [reflection/blog]

1 Thing Church Leaders Can Learn From Beyonce’s iTunes Album [reflection/blog]

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On December 13, at midnight, Beyonce unexpectedly released her latest self entitled album.  This came as a shock to fans as it was done without any promotion.  The album is exclusive to iTunes and in 3 days, the album has sold over 800k copies, making this iTunes’ fastest selling album ever.  Church leaders can learn from those who use their talents outside of the church.  Below is one thing church leaders can learn from Beyonce’s iTunes album.

When the message is ready, send it out.

Often times we as church leaders receive a word from God. When we receive this word, we develop our sermons and then we wait. We wait for a church service to occur, whether it is a Wednesday Bible study or a Sunday service. If we aren’t pastoring, and don’t have access to a pulpit, we hold the message until we get the opportunity to preach. By this time the person who needed the message could have missed out on it. We must look to do something different. I suggesting putting the message out online. Someone in need will be happy to receive it. You can do this with your laptop or any smartphone with a front facing camera. Beyonce showed us that we do not have to conform to the norm as it relates to delivering a message/product to the people. Let’s get creative and switch it up a little bit.

Often we condemn “secular” artist for the way they use their God given gifts. Despite the way they choose to use their gifts, people outside the church are at times more innovative than we are. Let’s not fall behind because we are holding on to our traditional ways. Besides did Jesus only give messages on Wednesdays and Sundays?

What do you think? How should preachers share the messages they receive from God?