Being in the moment in worship [blog/reflection]

Being in the moment in worship [blog/reflection]

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We recently posted a video on how to get back into worship, which you can find here, where we list some ways to help aid in worshiping process after a bad experience. After my experience today, I would like to add one more practice: being in the moment.

Today I went to a worship service and spent so much time being frustrated by the message that was coming up that I did not allow myself to enjoy the service. Let me explain a little better. I read the order of worship and anticipated each part of service as most people do, “where are we in the service? Ok, there.” I saw the message/sermon was coming up after the readings and anthems, however they kept reading scripture and singing anthems – at least four times. I sat there wondering how long the service was going to be. I distracted myself with that thought, more than once. Because of my anticipation of the service already being long and potentially longer because of the message, I did not enjoy the service. The unfortunate part was, the readings and anthems were really good. But I was too distracted to really know that.

I was not in the moment this morning. I did not allow myself to quiet down, open myself to God’s presence, connect with others worshiping, be in peace. I instead allowed myself to be distracted and frustrated. What a waste!

Being in the moment is such a simple and pertinent part of our lives – in every aspect.  It’s being mindful of what is going on in the right now.  Not the next moment and not previously.  Right now.  It helps us to be emotionally and mentally present to experience life as it happens.  And that’s the way I should have experienced the worship service this morning.  In the moment.  But no worries, all that’s needed is practice.  And we all know that practice goes a long way.

Do you struggle being in the moment in worship?  How do you get yourself back on track after you’ve lost focus?