How to Get Closer to God: Spiritual Rule 8 Journaling [blog/spiritual discipline]

How to Get Closer to God: Spiritual Rule 8 Journaling [blog/spiritual discipline]

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A spiritual rule will enable you to approach your spiritual growth systematically. Because the rule is outlined and specific you will be able to measure and chart my growth. You will also be able to pinpoint areas that need improvement as well as spiritual areas where you excel. The spiritual disciplines I have studied and will discuss are as follows: Lectio Divina, The Jesus Prayer, Fasting, Prayer Walking, Centering Prayer, Spiritual Friendship, Examine and Journaling. Below is a brief explanation of the highlighted spiritual discipline.

Why should we journal?

Journaling can be used with any of the spiritual disciplines simply as a means of keeping a record of accounts. Journaling can also be viewed as a biblical practice. For example many of the Psalms, that are attributed to David, can be viewed as David’s personal recorded journey with the Lord.

The values associated with keeping a spiritual journal:

  • Self understanding and evaluation
  • Help in focusing on a specific meditation
  • Help in expressing feelings/emotions to God
  • A way to reflect on God’s past works
  • Help in creating a spiritual heritage in one’s family
  • Help in monitoring goals and priorities
  • Help in maintaining other spiritual disciplines
  • Help in decision making
  • Help in self expression and creativity
  • Help in gathering thoughts for prayer
  • Help to clarify beliefs

There are plenty of ways to journal.  You can compile a visual journal.  A visual journal can consist of any imagery that relates to goals, your vision for the future, emotions or any of the values mentioned above.  If you wish to keep a more standard journal, that can be simply be done with a note book.  To start a journal, keep a daily (or weekly) record which involves recording: Personal events, reactions events, conversations, prayers, questions, memories, insights, joys, achievements and failures, world events, readings, ect.

Have you ever kept a journal?  If so share your experience below.