The Science behind a Happy Relationship [reflection/blog]

The Science behind a Happy Relationship [reflection/blog]

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I recently read the article, “Here’s How To Have A Happy Relationship, According To Science (INFOGRAPHIC)” at The Huffington Post, and found some very interesting data on the Science behind a Happy Relationship (by Happify). The ones that stuck out to me were:

  • Cultivating Daily Positive Interactions (such as giving compliments)
  • Having a fighting style that defuses tension (showing humor vs showing contempt)
  • Thinking Positive (about one’s own marriage)

It’s so easy to just get through the day and get through our relationships. However, being very mindful and purposeful about how we are pouring into ourselves, relationships, and families can really make the difference of being happy versus unhappy.

I know I’m going to work on being more purposeful, especially regarding what I’ve listed above, what about you? What are some areas of improvement for you in your relationship.  Check out the full article here and let us know below!