The 2 Most Important Things I Learned While in Seminary [blog/reflection]

The 2 Most Important Things I Learned While in Seminary [blog/reflection]

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In seminary we tackle a wide array of subjects including The Bible, Church History, Worship Practices, World Religions and Systematic Theology just to name a few. Although the information I learned was and will be extremely valuable for ministry, the 2 most important things I learned over the past 4.5 years were revealed to me through experience with people and through prayer and meditation. Listed below are the 2 most important things I learned while attending seminary.

1. Relationships First Work Second
Often times we may be eager to get things rolling as it relates to doing the work of God. Since doing good work usually involves a team, build strong relationships first. By building strong relationships you build trust between you and your teammates. With trust you are bound to have each other’s backs which will make tackling a hard task together easier. Do not let your eagerness to accomplish the task out weight building strong relationships with those who you are working with.

2. Through prayer it came to me that if I cannot love myself, the God within me, love others and the God within them and teach those I come in contact with to do the same, everything I learned while in school was pointless. Loving God, Self and Neighbor unconditionally is the key and understanding to all peace. I must live and teach this concept at all times.

Two great lessons, just wish God could have revealed them to me sooner. Maybe I wouldn’t have had to spend so much money on a Masters in Divinity….LOL