Peace by: Eleanor Colvin

Peace by: Eleanor Colvin

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Peace I give you
For the fears
That have your life on lock down.
Fears that bind you
That remind you of the worse parts of your story
And edit out the fact that together we share in Glory.
Peace I give you
For your foes
For the woes that continue to worry you
To bury you
in grave cloths of memory
Memories that are living memorials to fear that delivers you unto death
When I come to bring life.
Peace I give you
As a useful substitute
For the tactics you tend to use.
For your tongue and your touch
I give you my peace
And I give it not just for you
but for the world
Just as the Father sent me, I send you
To the world – to the whole world.
I send you to the homeless and to those who refuse to rent to ex-offenders
I send you to those being trafficked and prostituted and to those who steal, sell and buy precious lives that could never be priced.

I send you to those who are counting their days of sobriety and to those who are rolling one while you worship me.
I send you to those whose hearts break open wide enough for the cares of the whole world to fall inside
And I send you to those who have to hate someone to love themselves.
Just as the Father sent me, I send you
Not to judge
But to love
To love as God so loves!
To love so that none will perish.
My Peace I give you.
As I send you to love.
In my very breath
Resides the power of the paraclete
The guide, the comforter, the promised One
Your soul’s eternal companion
As you journey
With peace
In peace
As peace

Written by: Eleanor Colvin
Inspired by John 20:19-31