Rethinking the Devil – Stress [Blog/Theology]

Rethinking the Devil – Stress [Blog/Theology]

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Often times we think of the devil as some sort of supernatural monster. This may or may not be true but I would like to challenge our thought process behind how we see the devil for whom or what it really is.

Our second look at whom or what the devil really is, stress. Below is how defines stress:

1. special emphasis or significance attached to something
2. mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension

Stress can lead to the following health problems according to WebMD:
Heart Disease, Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Headaches, Depression and anxiety, Alzheimer’s Disease, Accelerated Aging and Premature Death.

I would argue that stress is often a choice. Either we choose to have peace about a situation or we choose let our situations bother us to the point where it begins to affect our health. In fact I find myself stressing as I write this blog. I have literally chosen to be stressed by focusing so hard on an issue that I am literally tense. It just dawned on me I only face what has been causing me stress for a few hours a week at most. I have let a couple of hours per week impact weeks of my life. I have chosen stress. I have chosen to focus on 2 – 3 hours as opposed to focusing on the mass multitude of hours that are actually good in my life. Those 2 – 3 hours do not outweigh the good in my life but I have lost focus. I write this so you will not lose focus. Do not lose focus on the blessings that you have in your life. Being stressed is a stumbling block that will ultimately cause you harm.

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So how do you minimize your stress? Some would say pray. But what if that is not working, then what? Well maybe you need to experience God in a new way. Go outside and take a look at creation, look up at the stars in the sky. Doing this may put things into perspective. Your stressors may not be as big as they seem. If that does not work here are some stress-relieving activities:

Don’t let the Stress [Devil] eat you up. Rebuke the Stress! Get behind me Stress!