Keep Walking – Terrell’s 7th Sermon [Video/Audio]

Keep Walking – Terrell’s 7th Sermon [Video/Audio]

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This had to be my most challenging sermon yet mainly because the discussion over the past view days has been about President Obama’s stance on marriage equality. The internet is buzzing on the topic of marriage equality but yet people remain with out jobs, food, or a place to live. We need to get our priorities in order. Even if we can’t agree on marriage equality we as a church need to care for those in need. In preparing for this sermon I actually broke down a few times just thinking about having to encourage a group of men who society was probably ignoring. Sad indeed!

On another note I had feeling going into the sermon that I shouldn’t take a manuscript so instead I created an outline/mind-map. This “feeling” was right on point as there was no podium or microphone and prior to giving the message I was asked to be engaging with the group of men. If I would have had a manuscript there would have been no way for me to engage the group. I used a one page outline and it was a great decision to go with this “feeling”.


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    May, 30, 2012 8:53 PM

    I agree with you.  I see so many people on the sides of road now with signs asking for help.

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