Jesus Shows us Being Quiet Will Attract Others [blog/reflection]

Jesus Shows us Being Quiet Will Attract Others [blog/reflection]

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There’s an aspect of Jesus’ ministry that deals with a form of quietness as it relates to displaying or sharing our Christian faith. In Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-21, we catch Jesus in the middle of what is referred to on the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus expresses that we are to give, pray and fast a particular way. For all of these spiritual activities mentioned Jesus explains that we are to do those things without drawing much attention to ourselves. In the following chapter Jesus goes as far to heal a leper, explaining to him not to tell anyone about the miracle except the priests.

What is Jesus trying to tell us as it relates how we conduct ourselves while we fast, pray or conduct any other spiritual activities? When we give, pray and fast without boasting and do so with grace others will be drawn to Christ. Up until this point in Chapter 6, Jesus never revealed that he was Lord. Jesus never boasts about who he is and shows us that people gravitated to him naturally. Think about it from the perspective of a non-Christian. Would you be drawn to Christianity if those who gave always bragged, those who prayed were always loud and boisterous or if those who fasted showed themselves to be in excruciating pain? I would suspect probably not. When people question who we are or why we do certain things we then can let them know we are Christians. We need not always lead with the Christian card.

How do you share your faith with others? Can you attract people to Christianity without using words? If you can how does it look?


  1. Brandon
    Mar, 14, 2014 10:38 PM

    That’s a good topic, Jesus didn’t brag about his powers. He was HUMBLE, which gradually led people to him. In my opinion, if we humble ourselves, people will want to know more because we are not giving everything to them. Great topic.

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