3 Systemic Problems That A Single Parent Household Creates for African Americans [blog/article]

3 Systemic Problems That A Single Parent Household Creates for African Americans [blog/article]

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According to Kid’s Count Data Center, 67% of African American children are raised in single parent households. The study also shows that only 35% of caucasian children are raised in single family households. This shows us that the majority of African American children will not have an example of what a healthy two parent household looks like. Because of this our community may continue to repeat and pass down the same mistakes as it relates to marriage from generation to generation. Below are 3 problems that are passed down from generation to generation that often leads to divorce or separation.

1. Money Management
When homes are broken, children grow up only seeing one parent manage all of the financial resources. Without an example of how 2 people work together to manage combined incomes, a future couple may struggle with how bills are paid and how money is spent.

2. Unrealistic Expectations
When households are broken we are left to piece together what a marriage is supposed to look like based on fantasy. We may get ideas of marriage based on television, movies or miniscule details from a couple we know. Unfortunately none of this is real so it may leave us holding our spouses to fairytale like expectations.

3. Communication and Working Through Disputes as a Couple
Unhealthy communication is a major factor that often leads to conflict and divorce.
If an individual is only use to disputes leading to an ending relationship, how will they deal with adversity during challenging arguments? If their history only shows them that disputes lead to splits without reconciliation, they may take on the learned behavior of their family and relationships will end prematurely.

If our history shows us that single parent households are the norm in the African American community, how do we work to break the cycle?  Please share your ideas.