Footprints [Blog]

Footprints [Blog]

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In light of a series HuffPost is doing on spirituality in everyday life using pictures, I was inspired to do something similar from time to time. Here is the first image…

When I saw these footprints in the sand, I was reminded of the ever popular image where there are two sets of footprints, then one set, which represents Jesus eventually carrying the person (many of you have seen it, I am sure). The original image really highlights the way in which God been with us and will take care of us. When I saw these footprints in the image I have attached, which belong to a tiny little bird, it brought to mind our charge of taking care of others. Love your neighbor as yourself is a familiar phrase and scripture that so many of us use. However, when I reference taking care of others, I really mean our responsibility to take care of other parts of creation. Watching that bird walk speedily along the beach as I snapped the picture, brought to mind our need to take care of all the parts of creation that God has placed in our hands – animals, land, the sky and waters. Other parts of creation are not here just for our pleasure, but also for our livelihood and for whatever purpose the Creator saw fit. We have the ability to show love to the land because we are not just connected to the rest of humanity but to other parts of the Earth that grow, move and have its own being. We have the ability to carry another person, being or thing in our physical and metaphorical arms, just like Jesus carried the person walking along the sandy beach.

So I ask you: How are you caring for creation as you journey through your life?