Facebook runs mood test on users. Do you care? [blog/article]

Facebook runs mood test on users. Do you care? [blog/article]

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Have you ever logged on to Facebook and after scanning through your timeline you suddenly had a shift in your mood? Well in 2012 (if you were a part of Facebook’s study) chances are your mood was being influenced by a psychological study conducted by Facebook.

According to CNN “For one week in early 2012, Facebook (FB, Tech30) changed the content mix in the News Feeds of almost 690,000 users. Some people were shown a higher number of positive posts, while others were shown more negative posts.”

The study showed that those who saw negative posts were likely to produce negative posts.

So the question is do we even really care what Facebook is doing to us? My feed has been just as active. There haven’t been any reports of people canceling their accounts or even a temporary boycott of some sort. Are we that addicted to the social media site that we will sweep this under the rug?

Well if we are not going to be up in arms about this, maybe we can all make a pact to NOT post any negative information online. If we weren’t sharing our negativity online it would make it impossible to treat us like lab rats and conduct secret studies on us.

What are your thoughts? Have you read Facebook’s terms of service? Do you care about the study? Post your comments below!