Does The Title Reverend Matter to You? [Blog]

Does The Title Reverend Matter to You? [Blog]

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I’m on pace to graduate from Wesley Theological Seminary in 2014 with a MDIV (Masters of Divinity), which is a Masters Level degree that is required by some religious denominations for ordination. At the time of this writing my GPA is 3.4. I’m a licensed minster and have been for roughly 1.5 years. I’m on tracked to be ordained and when completed I will have dual standing both Baptist & United Church of Christ. I’ve also had a psychological assessment and I’m all clear.

Ordination includes some additional classes which will then lead to a governing body (along with my pastors) approving me to be ordained. This usually comes after being assessed as a minister for a period of time.

If I decided to skip out on being ordained would it even matter?

Would my words become less relevant because I do not have the letters Rev.  in front of my name?

What is more important the fact that I’ve spent 4 years in Seminary or the fact a governing body sees fit to ordain me after the recommendation of my pastor(s)?

Are ordination processes mandated by God or merely a man made process?

Which letters are more important MDiv or Rev?

I was once told by a prominent preacher that I should seek ordination because as unfortunate as it is people pay attention to titles. He also said that the denomination didn’t matter in the long run and the title will open up some opportunities.

What do you think?