Body Cams: Why President Obama’s Response Isn’t Good Enough to Mike Brown’s Death [blog/article]

Body Cams: Why President Obama’s Response Isn’t Good Enough to Mike Brown’s Death [blog/article]

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After the erupting protest throughout the US as a result of Darren Wilson not being indicted for the shooting death of Mike Brown, President Obama decided to take executive action.  The White House is asking congress for $263 million that will go towards police training and body cameras.   A good solution to our problems right?  Maybe not!

When we look at the details only $75 million is going towards funding and it will only pay for 50,000 devices.  Well here’s the problem the US employs over 750,000 personnel with the power to arrest. Something about the math just doesn’t add up.  How much do these cameras cost any way?  $75million divided by 50000 devices gives you $1500/body camera.  Is the government really going to spend that much on body cameras when civilians can purchase them online for roughly $300 a pop?  What about the other 100’s of thousands of officers, are they not being equipped with cameras as well? Body cameras are needed, but I would argue they are needed for every officer that is out serving the community.

Are body cameras really enough? Based on this graphic from PBS maybe we also need to take a look at the grand jury process.



More than 50% of the witnesses stated the Michael Brown held his hands up when Darren Wilson shot him.  More than 50% of the witnesses said that Brown was running away when Wilson fired at him.  Based on the statements, I wonder if video of the incident would help.  I try to remain hopeful but even when bystanders catch officers on tape in what appears to be a crime; officers are still not indicted by grand juries. This held true in the Eric Garner decision.  Something has to change about the justice system ASAP and it will have to be more than the addition of cameras.


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