Bill Cosby or The Alleged Victims: Who to Believe

Bill Cosby or The Alleged Victims: Who to Believe

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The internet has been up in frenzy about the recent rape allegations against Bill Cosby.  People are swarming to critique Cosby and stars like Jill Scott are standing up to his critiques.  Because of the use of social media the world is bound to keep the discussion going, but whose side should we be on?

When you look at the timeline of events, rape allegations against Bill Cosby aren’t new.  Cosby has been battling allegations from various women since 2002.  According to Cosby has been accused publicly by at least 17 women thus far.  You can see a time line of the accusations here.

Of course there will be debates in the public court of opinion but it troubles me when people bash the alleged victims.  Some defending Cosby usually link their defense to his work for advancement of the African American community.  The most consistent argument that I’ve heard on the radio and read online is that the females were out for money or fame because some waited decades to come forward.

Let’s defuse the idea that rape victims always come forward as soon as they’ve been assaulted.

97% of rapist will never go to jail
60% of sexual assaults go unreported
1 out of every 5 American females has been the victim of rape or attempted rape

Statistics show rare it is for a rapist to go to jail, so why should females feel encouraged to seek justice?

Often when people do great things for the world or a community, we place them on a pedestal as if they cannot commit harsh deeds.  We even do this in our spiritual settings too.   Insert David. David is often known for his defeat of Goliath, his unlikely rise to kingship and for authoring the Psalms.  Maybe we should spend more time getting to know that David also committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband Uriah killed.  Our celebrated heroes are also capable of committing horrible deeds.

The Cosby story is ongoing, so only time will tell what is true and what isn’t.  Before we choose to critique the females involved in this case though, we ought to take a step back and look at the details through a fine lens because things aren’t always as clear cut as they seem.

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  1. blog hater
    Dec, 08, 2014 2:31 AM

    You call yourself a minister and wrote this stupid blog? Being judgmental. You want to mention David being an adulterer and murderer yet God still used that same man to bring glory to the kingdom by being in the bloodline of the last Adam, His son Jesus Christ. So since you want to jump on the band wagon and be a typical blogger writing because you have nothing better to do with your time, why don’t you go study on God’s truth a little longer before you fall in this worldly system of lies and gossip. Shame on these women to put their morals at stake for some damn money. I’m supporting Bill Cosby and praying for him if he did have a serious problem with perversion. God knows his flaws and he can still be redeemed. As for the women, there’s true victims of rape and sexual harassment out there, let’s not make a mockery out of that for 15 mins of fame.

    1. Vivian
      Jan, 30, 2015 10:08 AM

      Aren’t you also judging the alleged victims as not being true victims and out for money? There is more anger in your tone than the writer’s, I’m afraid. I do admit the timing of the complaints is off.

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