3 Steps To Become Anything You Want

3 Steps to Become Anything You Want

3 Steps To Become Anything You Want

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Who are you? Who do you want to become? Some of us have a clear idea of where we want to go. Some use to believe but have now become stagnant in our growth. Finally, many of us have also stopped believing that we can become anything different. Despite the hurdles we place in front of ourselves, we still can work towards becoming whomever we want to be. Below are 3 steps to becoming anything you want.

1. Understand who you are currently and why
Do you know who you are and why? Some of us have been programmed to think a certain why about who we can become and who we are currently. Our environment places us in a box. This is done by positive or negatives affirmations by our family, friends and society. For example based on history and what I was taught as a child to be president of the United States you had to be an older white male. Based on the media display of African Americans I also believed in order to be successful I could only be an athlete or an entertainer. These are all examples of false limitations that we learn over time to accept. Never accept them and begin to unravel them

2. Know that in the image of God who you can become is limitless
God introduces God’s self to Moses as I am. When we understand that we are all made in the image of this God we begin to realize the limitations of who we can become are false. There are no limits.

3. Define who you are becoming and make your I am statements come to fruition

Knowing that you have no limits, you can no explore who you are becoming. I am [blank]. Fill in the blank. Say it daily. Here’s the catch. Do you really believe this is who you will become? You word may say yes but what do your actions say? Examine your actions. If you are not working on becoming [blank] daily then you don’t believe in who or what you can become. For example, if you want to become a better public speaker or writer (I am a great public speaker and writer), but never work toward this, you are dealing with unbelief. Deep inside you don’t believe you can become this, so why work at it? This may be tough to handle at first as it may speak to your self-worth but use this data as feedback to make steps toward who you want to become. If you are stuck still remain stagnant repeat the process.