Is There A Problem With a Christian Only God?

Is There A Problem With a Christian Only God?

Is There A Problem With a Christian Only God?

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In the Bible God we see God interact with Adam and Eve. God shows up to Abraham as 3 men. God speaks to Moses in a fiery bush. God speaks in the wind. Then we see God placed in a box, The Arch of The Covenant. In a box, God is controlled by the Israelites.

The box is later tucked away and it is realized God exist outside of the box until Jesus shows up. For Christians (some), that is it. This is `the only way God can reveal God’s true self. Man then chooses to come up with a standard text, a cannon, The Bible. God is placed back in a box, this time, a book. At this time, keep in mind, it was still believed the world was still flat (397). Over 1600 years later we still worship the God of the first century, although we now understand the entire universe is bigger than we could imagine.

Is this problematic? Yes. When we box God in and say my/our view on God is the ONLY way we, deem another person’s view or experience of God irrelevant. I get it, though. We want to save the souls of our brothers and sisters. We want to ensure their path to heaven but what if God spoke and is speaking to them through a fiery bush, a cloud, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc? As Christians, we act as if God doesn’t have to power to do so. If we want to truly proceed down a path to peace we must consider that God is bigger than we think, bigger than the Bible, bigger than doctrine (or any religious text). We then must be comfortable with the idea that God essence can be revealed to our brother and sisters however God sees fit.

If we truly want peace, peaceful interfaith dialogue and community is a must.


  1. quantum2virtual
    Jun, 26, 2016 2:39 PM

    It is an absolutely rarity in my experience to hear a Christian minister speak about the possibility that God has spoken to others through their faiths just as God as spoken to us through ours. Bless you.

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