Are you patient?

Are you patient?

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Are you patient? Either you are or you are not. There really isn’t a gray area.

I have tricked myself into believing that I was sort of patient. A career shift will definitely test your patience. I myself, at the time of this video, have been waiting for and solid contract or job lead. As a contractor, on average it has taken me roughly 6 – 7 months to find another opportunity. Well, I’m in month 10 approaching 11. Month 8 through x is where the test really begins. And the fact is, I have chosen not to be patient.

Now, what has this lack of patience gotten me besides a few stressful days? My lack of patience has provided no value. Patient or not, I still have to submit proposals, send out resumes and wait for the right opportunity to come across my desk. So today I’m choosing to continue to work hard and be patient. There’s no doubt that I’ll get a contract and or job.

Are you patient or impatient?