American Promise [Video/Blog]

American Promise [Video/Blog]

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I’ve just committed to support the campaign for American Promise, a powerful new documentary that follows the journeys of two African-American boys and their families from kindergarten to high school graduation, providing a powerful narrative about the lives of African-American boys and their families, as well as an incisive look at the factors that contribute to the achievement gap in education for black males.

I believe this film presents a powerful opportunity to promote the message around black male achievement and put forth an important and powerful narrative about black boys, their families, and their communities.

The film is releasing in New York on October 18th, as well in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, and the Bay Area, and they need YOUR HELP to make it a success.

Check out the trailer and more information about the film
at and then email [email protected] for details on how you, your organization, and your larger community can contribute to supporting this important campaign.

This information was passed on to me by Khaleaph Luis who is the Community Engagement Manager for the project.