7 Things to Know When Selecting a Church [Blog/Discussions]

7 Things to Know When Selecting a Church [Blog/Discussions]

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Deciding to join a church can be a tough decision. Joining a church is an important decision that should not be rushed into. Below is a list of items that is guaranteed to help you in your selection process.

1. Do not join a church based on the Pastor’s Credentials.
A lot of pastors are well educated, doctors and have years of experience but the letters in front or behind their name’s do not make them good or caring leaders. Remember Judas was deemed a disciple, and we still have Judas types in the leadership today. On the flip side some of the people with the least credentials can be the most warm hearted caring leaders.

2. Visit the church’s website.
Visiting the church’s website will give you insight into a ton of valuable information. Based on the website you will be able to learn the church’s beliefs. You’ll find whether or not the church is active on social media and you may even be able to listen to sermons

3. Fill out the visitors card.
If they give you one fill out the visitor information card that you are give. This will let you know if the church communicates with it’s non members. They may not contact you at all, or they may contact way too much, either way you will learn about their communication.

4. Try to schedule a meeting with the pastor.
This may require more than one visit which is ok. But it is best to have a conversation with the leader of the church before you join. It is a must that you interact with her/him one on one. This can give you further insight on who the leader is and where the church is going.

5. Never be tricked into joining no matter how hard they try
Do not fall for the following statement: “Do you know where you’ll end up if you were to die tomorrow.” This tactic is used to play on the emotions of individuals and it will help with the church’s number if you join. Your ticket to heaven is not tied to the church you belong to. In fact if all you are seeking salvation you do not have to join, simply confess Christ as your savior and believe it in your heart.

6. Figure out what you are looking for
Compile a list of attributes you are looking for in a community. For example does the church have to be active in social justice, do they have a children’s ministry, does the type of music matter to you, does the size of the congregation matter.

7. Pray about your decision
You would think this one is obvious but often times we will make a decision without actually consulting the creator. Pray and wait for an answer.


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