Am I becoming less Christian???

Am I becoming less Christian???

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Am I becoming less Christian?

Am I becoming less Christian???

Posted by The Opened Box on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Growing up in church I was never taught about the concept of Interfaith dialogue and communities. Even as a became an adult, any interfaith seemed off limits. Oddly enough interfaith communities existed everywhere besides church. We work with and go to school with individuals of different faith traditions but we are always taught never speak about religion (or politics).

A class entitled Word Religions changed my concept of interfaith communities as it relates to engaging individuals from other faith traditions on a deeper spiritual level. My experience in this class (at Wesley Theological Seminary) allowed me to become comfortable with the beliefs of others as well as my own beliefs. In fact I’m so comfortable with my beliefs I’m willing to work with individuals from other faith traditions to bring fight for social justices issues , bring peace to communities, food to the homeless, etc.

If we really want peace we must be willing to engage others on a deep spiritual level. If we don’t agree about concepts of God and/or Christ that’s ok. Let’s work together to serve those in need.

Does this make me less Christian???