5 Things Every Husband Needs to Know About His Wife [blog/reflection]

5 Things Every Husband Needs to Know About His Wife [blog/reflection]

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Contrary to what men think, women are not the most complex creatures on the planet. But some husbands feel like they need a “how-to” book to figure out their wives. Unfortunately, no marriage manual covers every situation, but here are some tips that may help you out:

The little things mean more than the big things
Don’t get me wrong, women appreciate the date nights, flowers at work and designer bags for birthdays. So please don’t stop doing those things. But your wife also appreciates the little things. These are the things that show how much you cherish and appreciate her. Whether it’s doing housework without being asked, canceling a night with friends to spend time with her, or giving her a night off from the kids – this is how you show her that she’s number one.

Continue to learn us
Some of you have been with your wife for a long time. You think you know everything about her, and you’re probably right. But what worked when you were dating, may not still work as a married couple. Often times, it’s easy to settle into a comfortable little rut after the wedding day. So take time to really know who your wife is and who she’s becoming. You are her real BFF, so act like it. Take time to study her, become an expert on what it takes to please her no matter what mood or situation she’s in. It takes effort to continue to learn, but isn’t she worth the work?

If we say not tonight, it’s okay
That’s right, sometimes women are not in the mood. But that’s okay. If your wife turns you down, she’s not rejecting you. She may need a little more than just the physical. Women are wired differently than men, so most times our desires are more mentally stimulated than physically. So the next time she says no, don’t be offended. That could be your cue to seduce her mind and show her intimacy rather than affection.

She needs to be known, heard and understood
For a woman, being understood means having her feelings validated and accepted. It means you actively listen to her and genuinely try to see things from her perspective. That may mean that you’re not always going to be the problem-solver or be able to come up with quick solutions. But to meet her needs to be known and heard, sometimes a listening ear, a comforting hug and a loving statement can go a long way.

She is your partner, not your side kick
Your wife needs to feel like she’s your partner, not just an arm piece when you go out. She needs to feel respected. This means honoring her needs, wishes and values. It means including her in decision-making, even the small ones. By showing that level of respect, you express how valuable she is, and isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s like the old saying goes: Happy Wife, Happy Life. Now who would want to argue with that?

Do you have any other helpful hints that you think someone should know about their wife? If so, we’d love to hear your suggestions.