5 Budget-friendly Tips For a Mini-vacay With Your Mate [blog/reflection]

5 Budget-friendly Tips For a Mini-vacay With Your Mate [blog/reflection]

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For many of us, we need a vacation. No matter how big or short, no matter where it may be, you could be going to enjoy a calming Fiji vacation or somewhere in your home town, all in all, we need some time to rest and relax. Vacations give us the time to slow down, recuperate mentally and physically, and just have some plain ol’ fun. No matter how your funds look, it’s important to make time for vacation with your significant other as well. In doing so, you can reconnect with one another, talk more deeply about your vision and goals, be adventurous together, and tap into your youthful spirit.

Terrell and I recently took a trip to NYC, his hometown, to do just that. It was much needed time for us to focus on one another and experience some good times away from the obligations at home. Here are some tips to taking a mini-vacay with your honey, particularly for the budget-friendly.

Use a review site
These sites are great to get reviews on hotels, food, and other services related to where you are going (such as Yelp and Tripadvisor or adding review to whatever you are searching on Google). I have found some great food places because of review sites like Yelp – thanks to all those who’ve visited before me to tell me how great or crappy the place was.

Choose a place not too far away
We chose NYC because there is so much to do and it’s not too long of a drive. There are a ton of places to visit, even those in your home state. Choose someplace where it’s an easy drive (no airfare cost!) and plenty of things to see. If you like the sound of a road trip vacation, why not check out RV rental Austin TX? You could either do this locally or in any other country that offers RV rental. It’s a great option if you love sightseeing and traveling to different locations! If you want to travel a little further, go ahead! Just remember you’ll have to fork out for plane tickets! We thought about going to Spain and we found some great holiday rentals that we could have stayed in. Unfortunately at the time of booking, the plane tickets were just too expensive for us. If you’re only going for a few days, the ticket costs may not be worth it.

Plan events ahead of time and leave some free time
Having a plan can give you some structure, such as a great spot to eat or a festival to attend, so that you can be sure you have something to do (versus nothing to do). But also leave some free time for exploring or doing nothing so the trip won’t be so packed and you really can relax. You also don’t need to go far to find some good things to do, which saves you money on transport. For example, the Wildhorse resort & casino has its own Cineplex so you can spend an evening there if you want.

Explore free stuff
There are so many free things to do and they really can be fun. I once found a free Greek Festival for us to attend by paying attention to a sign on the road (yup, and went to it too). There’s also the state’s website where you can search for free things to do. We ended up going to Governor’s Island in NYC, which was lovely and free!

There’s always a Staycation
You can always stay home and explore locally -especially the things you’ve done as a child but not as an adult (e.g. museums, parks, home or outdoor picnic, etc). Be sure to clean your house, and add some things that might make it feel a little different such as fragrance and candles. Just act like a tourist in your town.

Whatever you choose, know that it will give your and your mate a sense of relaxation and fun together. And who doesn’t need more of that?