14 Foods To Fight Aging [health/blog]

14 Foods To Fight Aging [health/blog]

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Are you trying to eat a little healthier?  Well the Huffington Post produced an article on 14 foods that can aid in the fight against aging.   Here is their list below.

  1. Tomatoes: The Heart-Helpers

  2. Flaxseeds: The Anti-Cancer Add-Ons

  3. Blueberries: The Brain-Boosters

  4. Broccoli: The Joint Protector

  5. Beets: The Detoxifiers

  6. Chocolate: For A Happy And Healthy Heart

  7. Edamame: The Menopause-Minder

  8. Tea: The All-Purpose Anti-Ager

  9. Ginger: The Pain Reliever

  10. Eggs: The “Healthier Than You Think” Protein Punch

  11. Kale: The Sight For Sore Eyes

  12. Chicken: To Get Your “Bs”

  13. Almonds: The Natural Multivitamin

  14. Salmon: Another Helper For Your Heart

 To see the full details visit: The Huffington Post