How You Can Have a Deeper Worship Experience [blog/article]

How You Can Have a Deeper Worship Experience [blog/article]

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So many people attend their place of worship weekly without fail. Others have practices that they complete for their own spiritual development. Weaved through all, are traditions and rituals that people take part in as an expression of their faith. Sometimes it’s easy to participate in services and disciplines without really paying attention to how much we…like them. Do we like what we are participating in or just going through the motions?

I know for me, there are certain things I really like doing, such as candle lighting and taking communion. When I do these in church or at home, it brings me a sense of comfort, joy and connection.

Here are some disciplines/practices that you might partake in:
Mediating/Quiet moment
Candle Lighting
Scripture/Sacred Text Reading
Listening to or watching a Sermon
Charitable Giving

It’s important to take note of what you like, so you can do more of it, feel more connected, and have a more meaningful experience. Going through the motions only, will prevent you from being fully invested in your own spiritual development.
If you are unsure of what you life, be more mindful as you practice different things.  Initiate practicing them.  Be purposeful about practicing them.  And try practicing some of them at home too.  That way, you can have a deeper worship experience with others and by yourself.

Of the practices listed (and more), which do you like most? How might you use them to invest a little deeper in and out of a spiritual/religious service?

Let us know below!