Who’s Praying for The Leaders?

Who’s Praying for The Leaders?

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The leaders are praying for the congregation, but who is praying for the leaders? Is the assumption that because an individual is a pastor or is on a ministerial staff that they don’t need prayer as well? Maybe it is time for some transparency which I do not mind giving. We need prayer and struggle with our relationship with God too.

In my church setting, every week the ministerial staff is required to stand before the church after the sermon welcoming those who are joining and praying for those who have prayer requests. Pretty simple right? One would think that at this point in my ministry career (though still early) this should be a synch. Let me tell you it’s not. In wondering how God exist and if God even hears my prayers at times I think to myself if I’m having a week of confusion about my relationship with God will I even be able to muster up prayer for someone else let alone myself? But as leaders it seems as if we are required to quietly tuck our situations away and care for others. Unfair? Maybe. Or maybe it comes with the territory.

I day dream of seeing a time where the tables will be turned and the pastors and ministers will be the ones sitting on the front pews while members from the congregation whisper prayers in our ears.