When it Comes to Your Purpose, Are You Following Your Gut? [blog/reflection]

When it Comes to Your Purpose, Are You Following Your Gut? [blog/reflection]

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“How is someone’s life better when they cross your path?” This is a question that Valorie Burton, personal and executive life coach asked me when we talked about purpose. How do I make someone else’s life better? What a great question. All of us wonder why we are here. God equipped us with unique gifts, talents and experiences. But it is up to us to find out what we’re supposed do to with them.

Good news, this is where the fun begins. Thinking about all the things that you’re good at and all the things that you enjoy is part of the journey to purpose. When Ms. Burton talked about discovering her mission, she said that most times we get stuck in the midst of our journey. We are often mislead by the external accolades of life that we ignore the emptiness within our soul.

[bctt tweet=”We may receive awards or praises at work, if it doesn’t fill you up from within, its not your purpose.”]

If you’re like me, you’re already over-thinking the answer to the question. That is the wrong approach. Instead of pondering it, just answer from your gut.

If you have trouble answering that question, you are not alone. Here are some tips that you may find helpful:

-If you need help, chat with the people in your life. Sometimes your impact comes across so easily that you don’t even recognize it.
-Take note of things that you really enjoy and make you feel alive. What are things that you would do for free? These are your passions and could help lead you to your purpose.
-Think of who you admire and why? Who do you most want to be like? The qualities that you’re attracted to could help uncover your purpose.

Have other tips to share? Please share below.