Trying New Things: Are you ready to ride the Segway? [reflection/blog]

Trying New Things: Are you ready to ride the Segway? [reflection/blog]

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Over the weekend, Terrell and I went on a Segway tour in DC. I have to admit, he talked about going for a couple of years now and I was not that interested. However, he wanted to go and I like to try new things, so I surprised him with it for his birthday and we finally got around to going.

I was not overly excited about it initially because…well I have self-confessed balance issues (or at least it feels like it). You should see me trying to wash one foot in the shower while balancing on the other- well, no you shouldn’t see me and won’t lol. So the thought of getting on this motorized scooter/skateboard/standup thingy did not strike me as appealing.

But alas, we went. And I loved it! The tourguides teach you how to ride it before you head out, so after a few minutes of a couple of fumbles, I was good to go. I mean, seriously, if I had money to blow I would really consider buying an unnecessary segway. However, I would definitely recommend this mode of transport to anybody, whether you ride a traditional segway or something more modern like an electric unicycle, which look revolutionary and a major step up from segways. You can find some of these over at somewhere like joinfuse if you are looking for a cool, unorthodox mode of transport.

The lovely experience briefly had me reflect on a couple of things:
1. How often I put things off because I’ve assumed the worse.
2. How fear prevents me from doing things, great and small.
3. How fun life can be if I’m willing to “do it afraid” (thanks Joyce Meyer!)

All of that, from riding a Segway. But it was a good reminder of how those reflections have manifested in my life in other areas and prevented me from… all sorts of stuff. We would recommend segways to anyone. Before purchasing something similar for yourself, it might be worth doing some research into the best model first. You wouldn’t want to waste your money and purchase a bad model, so it might be beneficial to visit somewhere like Shopper Bytes, for example, to try and find the best model for you.

So as I continue down my path, seeking to explore things new and old, expanding my horizons and challenging old beliefs and hangups, hopefully you will do the same. Life can really be so much better when we are willing to challenge ourselves and… ride the segway (metaphorical or literal).

What things have you not tried or completed because you’ve assumed the worse, were fearful or unwilling to “do it afraid?”