Tips for Being More Authentic [blog/inspiration]

Tips for Being More Authentic [blog/inspiration]

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Authenticity is one of those words that seem like a big buzz word nowadays, almost like a fad or the next big spiritual thing.  I really love the word and meaning behind it because it is really a way to ask and implore us to be who we truly are.  Often times, we think it is something we need to accomplish, however, it is really more of a practice.  Every day I work on being authentic – it is something I feel really passionate about as I look to hone in on my life vision and work toward wholeness.  I do this by learning what my honest feelings are about a situation or person, by making decisions based on what I want to do, not what I should do, and by learning to love the things about me that I fear others will reject.  I believe in being authentic, we get closer to knowing and expressing who God created us to be.

The Chopra Center newsletter recently had an article that discussed authenticity.  Here are a few highlighted tips from that website, which I felt were really important action steps in practicing cultivating  authenticity in our lives:

  • Embrace your uniqueness and express it.
  • Take time to know yourself.
  • Journal as a way to bring inner wisdom to awareness
  • Align your words, thoughts, and deeds together.
  • Avoid thinking in terms of “should” and “have to.”
  • Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no.”
  • Be clear and truthful, and act from integrity.
  • Expect that you will be challenged and be okay with this.

To read the rest of the article (with more tips) by the Chopra Center, click here.

Authenticity is something we can all benefit from.  Are you working on being more authentic?  What practices are you doing to reveal your more authentic self?  Please share below!