The Trouble with Change [reflection/blog]

The Trouble with Change [reflection/blog]

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Since January 1 of this year I have placed a note in my gratitude jar as I stated I would in this New Year’s post.  It has only been a week thus far and I am already learning much about myself.

I have learned just how challenging gratitude is for me outside of being grateful for general family, living, breathing and having a roof over my head.  Being really purposeful about being grateful and content in the big and small things each day has not been second nature for me.  And I honestly wonder will I keep up this practice for the whole year.

What it boils down to for me is: change.  For most of us, when we age and experience different things in life, we grow (hopefully :-).  However, there are many of us who are very purposeful about changing different things in our lives in order to improve it and that can prove to be quite troublesome.  During my time of working on this new practice, I’ve had a few different thoughts…

I’ve noticed just how far I have to go
I’m one step closer
I’ve noticed how much of a chore it feels
It’s felt good more days than not
It’s hard to quit since I’ve told people about it
I’m held accountable and need that
It can be/feel like hard work
But it’s worth it

The trouble with change is, it doesn’t feel good when it’s coming from a place of ego and comfort.  And it’s easy to slink back into the same ole’ ways in order to not be challenged.  BUT there comes a time when change is necessary for the evolution of our soul!  And in that way, change, though difficult, is not troublesome at all.  It is a necessary part of our being that pushes us to become our better selves and I, for one, want to be my best self.  I will keep this practice going!

So what about you?  What are you thoughts on the process of change?  What are your struggles with incorporating new habits?  Are there any habits you need to break?

And while you’re thinking about all of this, enjoy one of my favorite quotes by Anais Nin:
“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

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  1. Brandon
    Jan, 09, 2014 10:15 PM

    Change can be a tough thing, I believe we just have to trust ourselves, most importantly, we have to learn to trust GOD.

    1. Brooke Harris
      Feb, 13, 2014 7:24 PM

      I agree!

      1. Brandon
        Apr, 03, 2014 8:51 AM


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