The Thread of Creation

The Thread of Creation

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Below is a creative writing piece I composed for my class The Preacher As a Poet.  I have infused the creation story found in Genesis chapter 1 with that of Thurman’s reflection entitled The Thread in My Hand.  The central theme behind my writing is that all of humanity has a common thread a bond that ultimately connects them.  That common bond is that which leads us to our Creator, God.  In the storytelling format which is set in the form of Scripture, I also aim to show how those who were created early on knew and understood of the connection that they had with one another and God.  What you also find is my take on how this common thread that we have with one another as it pertains to the creator is diluted and overlooked once humanity begins to multiply.  Is my assessment that because of this multiplication humanity often assumes that others will care and help those who are in need.  What leads to the separation from God and fellow man is when humanity’s eyes were open to self (this is a twist on the fall of man/Original Sin).


The Beginning


  1. In the beginning God created humankind.
  2. God created both female and male bonding them by a common thread.
  3. Intertwined behind the heavenly gates, this thread was created to ensure all would have access to the kingdom
  4. Although not seen through the eye of humankind, in the beginning the human bond was strong.
  5. This thread formed out of the breath of life enabled those who were first created to recognize that they were with God and God was with them.
  6. When God tugged on humanity, they recognized the pull of God.  When humanity pulled God recognized them.  There was a two-way connection.
  7. Because few were created, when one was in need all of humanity knew, felt and helped.
  8. It was as if the thread was connected to the heart of God and the hearts of each other.
  9. Because of this humanity was one.  All were cared for by each other, resources were shared and none wanted for more than they needed.
  10. Because the connection was realized love was limitless and the heart had no boundaries.
  11. A blind eye could not be turned to those in need.  It was impossible, the thread was a conduit.
  12. A conduit of feelings, A conduit of compassion.  Not for self but for others.
  13. If one was in need all were in need.  If one was hurt all were hurt.  If one was sad all were sad.
  14. The bond to God and each other was stronger than the welded pieces of steel.

The Awakening, Separation and Dilution


  1. Then what appeared to be a separation would occur.
  2. Humankind would begin to use the thread to God’s heart as a crutch.
  3. Humankind would not move unless God moved or instructed them to do so.
  4. Humankind became stagnant as a dry river in a desert land.
  5. Seeing that thread had become a crutch to humanity, God gave humanity free will.
  6. It was as if the gift of free will awoken humanity from an a coma-like state.
  7. A child-like curiosity caused humanity to taste fruit that was to remain pure and untarnished.
  8. Although God could have intervened through the thread which connected humanity to God’s-self, God selected not to do so.
  9. Why God chooses not to intervene at times remains a mystery to humanity.
  10. Mankind’s eyes would now be wide open because they had tasted fruit that was forbidden.
  11. The opening of the natural eye made the inner eye crusted and blind.  No longer would humankind be merely concerned with the welling of all who were connected with the common thread,
  12. Humankind was first concerned with self as for the first time they noticed that they were naked.
  13. The concern for others had been diluted with a poisonous infection of self, causing at times the common thread to go unnoticed even if God was pulling on the thread.
  14. But there was another problem as humanity began to multiply and become fruitful they would move out to the four corners of the world causing them to at times ignore the close relationship that had to God through the thread.
  15. Humanity would also, at times, care less for those in need as they felt someone else could help those in need as they realized there were more people to help.

16.  It was as if the thread no long existed.  Humanity became blind to the divine connection to God and one another.