The Church Needs To Get Online ASAP!

The Church Needs To Get Online ASAP!

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Weekly God uses the voice of a pastor and or preacher to reach and influence the masses. This usually happens during Sunday morning service and maybe during mid week Bible Study for those who attend. So who is speaking to God’s people during the rest of the week?

We know media and television influence culture and the congregants, but with the emergence of Social Media the leaders of the church need to do something ASAP before God’s voice is completely drowned out. Now some might say it is impossible for God’s voice to be drowned out but if the average church goer is interacting for hours upon hours on a daily basis with social media and the church isn’t there, I’d argue that the church and its leaders will loose its/their God given influence.

No longer will people look to the leaders of the church for inspiration, they will look to their favorite online mega-stars. We need to meet the people where they are and that is online!

Below is a random look at the numbers

Twitter Followers:
Joel Olsteen: 548,546
Rev Run: 3,240,694
Vashti McKenzie: 16,030
TD Jakes: 320,161

Lady Gaga: 19,738,868
Kanye West 6,786,571
Chris Brown 8,417,523