Rethinking the Devil – D.E.M.O.N.S. [Blog/Theology]

Rethinking the Devil – D.E.M.O.N.S. [Blog/Theology]

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demonOften times we think of the devil as some sort of super natural monster. This may or may not be true but I would like to challenge our thought process behind how we see the devil for whom or what it really is.

Our first new look on who or what the devil is, is given to us by Hip-Hop artist Elzhi (former member of Slum Village). Read the lyrics to verse 2 from his song D.E.M.O.N.S where he uses and explains what D.E.M.O.N means as an acronym:

[Break – Elzhi]
D (D, D …)
E (E, E …)
M (M, M …)
O (O, O …)
N (N, N …)
S (S, S …)

[Verse 2 – Elzhi]
If I broke the word down in acronyms, while usin part logic
A demon could mean – destroyin every man off narcotics
Drug epidemics, measure obsession needles
Got dealers earnin money overnight
Deceitful elections, monitor our nations
While devil’s effected, music out now on your stations
Dirty, explicit, material, oozin negativity
Distortin, eardrums mentally, overwhelmin nonsense
Dysfuctional, educational, malfuctions, oppressed negroes
Death, equals murder, oxygen’s neglected
Drama, extreme mayhem, ownin a necklace
Diabetes enter many obese niggaz
So, dreams eventually match, ordinary nightmares
Department, eviction, management office notices
Dreadful, evolved missiles operatin nuclear
Why is this new to you?

[Interlude – Elzhi – talking] (*echo*)
I can’t explain it dog
I get this chill in my spine
I just get the urge to do somethin real crazy man
Yo, I might be losin my mind

[Break – Elzhi]
You see if you listen close
You can hear the song they sing
Between good and evil, you’re just a puppet on a string
Singin …

(“Aaaaaaah aaaaaaah, aaaaaaah aaaaaaah”)

[Break – Elzhi]
D (D, D …) – dark deception, deepest degree
E (E, E …) – enhanced evil, extraordinary envy
M (M, M …) – major malicious, miscellaneous mayhem
O (O, O …) – overload off, obnoxious obscenities
N (N, N …) – never nice nature, negative nemesis
S (S, S …) – several strange souls symbolizin stress
S (S, S …) – several strange souls symbolizin stress
S (S, S …) – several strange souls symbolizin stress

Listen to the full song below: