Preachers of Detroit: Women as Leaders [blog/reflection]

Preachers of Detroit: Women as Leaders [blog/reflection]

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Have you been watching Preachers of Detroit on the Oxygen network?  I was recently turned on to the show and have been totally into the show ever since.  There’s so much on a variety of issues: theological differences (prosperity versus social justice), gender issues (should women lead in ministry or in society for that matter), sex (abstinence versus being cautious), and family dynamics.  It’s just a fascinating show!

I’m especially drawn to the issue surrounding women leading in ministry.  There’s some young women under the age of 25 on the show (daughter’s of one of the Bishops) who believe women should not lead and would not vote for a President of the United States if they were a woman.  I watched that with my mouth wide open.  If women should not lead, what does that mean for corporations with women founders and CEOs?  Should the founder of Carol’s Daughter hair products have let the company be run by a man and only be the creator of the product?  Or should she have taken a different lesser role?  Or is leading only in reference to the church and the United States but not for-profit businesses?  How far does women not leading go when you don’t believe women should lead?  These are questions I have.

I, for one, absolutely believe that women have the ability and gifts to lead in ministry and society.  Without question.  Our genitalia, or emotions for that matter, do not dictate what we can and can not do in leadership.  I know there are people out there who believe it’s a problem, particularly as they read the Bible (or certain parts) literally, and that is their prerogative.  I’ve come to learn that whatever God has gifted me to do is for me to do.  Period.  And I believe that is the case for us all.

What are your thoughts about the show? What makes you believe or not believe in women as leaders?  Share below!