Prayer for Relationships

Prayer for Relationships

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As I celebrate my second year of a wonderful marriage, I realized how blessed I am to have such a good relationship with my wife.  I also realize that everyone is not having or has had a good relationship with their wife/husband/partner/significant other/etc.

So my prayer to God is this:

For those who are searching for a relationship, I pray that You hear their prayers and exceed their expectations when (or if) You decide to answer their prayers.  I also pray that You give them peace and patience as they wait.  I also pray that they are able to recognize the gift You are sending them once the prayer has been answered.

I pray for patience for those who are working towards improving their relationships.

I pray for improvement in communication.

I pray that You will continue to strengthen the relationships of those who already have a good relationship and that these couples are in a place where they will be able give inspiration to others.

For those working through a devastating event, I pray that You are able to mend each individual after You give them a healthy time to mourn or grieve.  I also pray that You help to fix those relationships that are supposed to be fixed and end those relationships that are supposed to end.  For those relationships ending I pray that they end peacefully.

I pray that in our relationships we take commitments seriously.

This we ask in Jesus name, AMEN