One Term All Christians Must Know [Blog/Theology]

One Term All Christians Must Know [Blog/Theology]

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jesusThe on term all Christians should know is Christology. This term may be foreign to the new (or current) believer but it will give her/him insight into what Christians believe about Jesus.

In the church setting Christology refers to theology behind who Jesus is believed to be. One with a high Christology will believe that Jesus is God in the flesh and that names Jesus and God can be used interchangeably.

Some may think all Christians believe Jesus and God are one or synonymous but this is not the case. Someone with mid or low Christology believes that Jesus is the son of God. In mid-low Christology Jesus is lower on the hierarchy scale as it relates to God.

I myself fall in the mid Christology range. In fact in my Christian experience it wasn’t until 2010 that I heard a group of Christians refer to Jesus as God.

Read John 14 where arguments can be made in either direction
Where do you fall?