My Experience With Confederate Flag Demonstrators

My Experience With Confederate Flag Demonstrators

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As I am cooling down, after the end of my run on Saturday September 5, I hear screaming and yelling. I see a large group of white people yelling in the direction of another group. Apparently they were protesting.

As I look in the distance I can see CONFEDERATE FLAGS waving in the wind. Yes, next to the nation’s capitol a CONFEDERATE FLAG rally was taking place and yes a group of white individuals were not happy about this.

I decided to walk over and see what the supporters of the confederate flag were saying. Watch the video to see what takes place.

What are your thoughts on the confederate flag and its supporters?


  1. Brandon
    Sep, 10, 2015 4:29 PM

    Crazy! Only in America.

  2. Priscilla King
    Sep, 08, 2016 12:25 PM

    I’ve seen lots of people flying them just because somebody’s told them they shouldn’t. I think that if more people understand that for many people who display them, the Confederate flag is a positive statement about their own identity rather than a statement of hostility toward others, everyone could stay calm–especially the more belligerent kind of would-be “Confederates” (not all of whom are even Southerners, tsk tsk). Some people wear a Jewish star or Christian cross. Some wear Muslim scarves or Amish aprons. I wear handknitted winter gear in cold weather because I identify myself as a knitter. To me the Confederate flag is one more item in that category. If nobody gives it a second look, the people who use it to provoke confrontations will find another way to do that, but at least they won’t pick their fights by disgracing the memory of my ancestors (who, themselves, knew when that war was over).

  3. Priscilla King
    Sep, 08, 2016 12:26 PM

    And I wish I could hear what was said in the video! Full text please!

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