Male Balding: I Feel Your Pain Lebron James [blog/reflection]

Male Balding: I Feel Your Pain Lebron James [blog/reflection]

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Steve Harvey did it. Carlos Boozer did it too. Now even Lebron James is trying it. Look at the pictures. Why are men who lose their hair, coloring in their hairlines? Apparently some men are so uncomfortable with losing their hair that they’ll go to any extremes just to have the perfect hairline. Which is fine if it gives them that little bit of extra confidence. But I think colouring in your hair like this isn’t the best option, instead, they should be looking at places that offer services like this hair and skin care denver has to offer. You want to make sure that the place that you visit takes great care of you. Of course, if you are happy to go bald then brilliant! You should embrace it!

I remember the first signs of a receding hairline as early as my junior year in college. It was a light spot on the left side of side of my scalp. Initially when I got a haircut, this trouble spot would just grow in a lot slower than the hair on the rest of my scalp. As time went on, that trouble spot got thinner and thinner causing me to make an adjustment. Instead of getting an extreme dye job and dying my scalp jet black a mastered a different technique. I had a pretty good grain of hair, so if I used a du-rag, my hair laid down pretty flat. So to compensate for the thin spot, I let a patch of hair right behind it grow out slightly longer. By letting this spot grow out I could lay it over my balding patch of hair. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes it was my version of a comb over.

I mastered “the black man’s comb over for years”. I’ve cut my own hair since high school so I could avoid going to the barbershop and being clowned for my crafty invention. From rough 1999 to 2007 the black man’s comb over was in full affect. But then I was faced with a problem. After playing basketball during lunch at work and showering my comb over was flapping in the wind. Because I had to rush back to the office I had no time to put my durag on and allow my hair to dry. I wasn’t going to quit playing basketball and I knew if I got a low hair cut that there was no turning back. It dawned on me it was time to say farewell to my hair.

I never was scared to be bald, I just really wanted the option to have a wavy scalp of hair (aka 360s) with a razor sharp shape up. Initially, I missed having hair but now I feel free and look at my old pictures thinking I looked crazy with hair. If a genie would grant me a wish of having a youthful hairline would I accept it? Of course I would! LOL remember it was always about options and being able to switch it up!

Lebron, Carlos and all men holding on to that last thread of hair, I feel your pain, but the crazy thing is every one really knows our hairlines are gone and we are balding- the hair tricks are not fooling anyone. So in the words of Charles Barkley, “Come on Home”.