Lord Forgive Me I’m a Thief [Blog]

Lord Forgive Me I’m a Thief [Blog]

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Warning: Post is not to brag about what I did.  I write it in hopes that others will do the same.

This past Thursday November 22, 2012 on Thanksgiving morning I decided to participate in a 5k.  Initially I just wanted to find an event to run in so I could try to beat the time I posted during a run last year.  In searching I stumbled upon the 2012 Trot for Hunger sponsored by S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat).  This race peaked my interest because the funds being raised would go towards feeding those in need in the DC metropolitan area.  I sign up and raise $280 in 3 days. 

Fast forward to race day.  It was estimated that there were 10k people out to participate in the run/walk.  It was also announced that over $400k was raised to feed the needy.  In the registration area fruit, bagels and granola bars were being offered to those who were participating.  I decided to skip on them so I would not cramp up.  As it got closer to race time I decided to go for a light jog.  While jogging I saw and individual bundled up in covers lying against the side of a building.  As I stopped to stretch I started to feel weird that I was about to run this race that gathered donations to help those in need but no one was helping this individual on the street.  Remember there were about 10 Thousand people in this one spot!

After pondering the situation I decided to run back to the registration area swipe 2 bananas and bagel, run back over to where the homeless individual was and place the food on his bedding and bags.  With the amount of food that was out there no one would miss it and I actually wish I would’ve grabbed more.

I wonder, how many times we just dump money in a pot to help those in need, instead of helping those in need who are right next to us or in our face???