I Pray to Myself, for Myself [blog/reflection]

I Pray to Myself, for Myself [blog/reflection]

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There is no solace above or below.
Only us, small, solitary, striving, battling one another.
I pray to myself, for myself.
-Francis Underwood, House of Cards

I began catching up on the second season of House of Cards recently and was struck by the comment above made by the main character. In the scene, it appeared as if Francis, was seeking some sort of solace, connection or purpose to something greater – but could not find it. He came to the conclusion that all he had, was essentially himself. And the hopes of something more resulted in fruitlessness.

It made me wonder, how many of us have times in our lives where we doubt and feel as if all we have to rely on is ourselves?

I know to some it might sound ridiculous, heretical, or even unfaithful. But if I’m truly honest, I’ve had my moments too. I’ve had times where I doubted and questioned because things weren’t clear to me, because I felt alone, and because the amount of negativity I’ve seen and experienced had me feeling some sort of way. In time, I’ve come to believe it’s a normal part of the spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey is not a straight line upward. It’s dips, zigzags, has highs, lows, loops and whatever else. It’s not always an easy path but one that grows us and strengthens us when we stay the course. Every part of the journey is important. From using the burning bay leaves spell to finding inner peace, the blessings, and the valleys, all of it is vital.

I know the character Francis had decided that there is nothing else. I, believe there is. But either way, we have to keep going. We have to keep growing. And we have to know that wherever we are on the journey, is where we need to learn and where we need to be. And that’s okay.

Have you had doubts on your spiritual journey? How did you work through them? Share with us below!