How to Pray to Get Results

How to Pray to Get Results

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We pray to God.  Some of us more than others. We pray with the expectation that our prayers will not only be heard, but they will also be answered. But what happens when you are praying but God isn’t moving mountains or parting seas on your behalf? Then what? Watch this video as Terrell explains how to pray to get results.


    Mar, 31, 2015 10:02 AM

    Prayer, to me, is talking to my ABBA in heaven. I pray back the promises of God. 95% of what He has for us is in His word so I read daily; try to pray continually and pray in accordance to His will (His Word). He will align our will with His when we know His word. God loves us so much that He desires us to talk to Him all day. Praising Him for His creation asking fro His wisdom. Knowing God is knowing what to pray for.

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