How to Heal From Religious Hurt to Find a Church/Spiritual Community

How to Heal From Religious Hurt to Find a Church/Spiritual Community

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How do you reconnect with a church/spiritual community when you have had a tough time with organized religion?

Unfortunately, church hurt is something a lot of us have to deal with. Organized religion, at times, beats some of us up. We would think that in joining a spiritual community there would be no issues. But for some of us, we experience more issues with organized religious communities than we do in our communities that exist outside of organized religion.

We must realize that although we serve a perfect God, God is represented through imperfect beings. Humans. At times, we have a tendency to mess things up real bad. But if you are looking to get reconnected there is always hope. You will find a community that works for you. It won’t be perfect, but it will be a home for you.

Some of us face a few of the stages of grief when we experience church hurt. Those stages are anger, depression and acceptance. Unfortunately, some of us will not make it to acceptance.

Acceptance is the key to getting past church hurt. Accept the fact that some people and communities simply suck. There is no need to rush this process. Take your time getting there. As you journey, realize that your bad experience isn’t the only experience. You will experience an awesome community if you are willing to take your time searching for it. Never feel rushed or pressured. I pray that God will present an opportunity for you to find a spiritual community that will be your home….