Has This Ever Happened To You When You Prayed? [blog/reflection]

Has This Ever Happened To You When You Prayed? [blog/reflection]

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Do you believe that God hears and answers your prayers? If you do, how exactly has God answered your prayers? Has God answered your prayers through a feeling? Have you heard the voice of God speak back to you as you cried out for God to show God’s face? Recently, I actually heard a voice.

In the beginning of 2015 Brooke and I had a conversation, where she expressed a concern and we both knew she was really in need of a breakthrough. During our discussion I heard 3/23. I can’t explain the voice but the date seemed to have popped up out of no where. The need was pretty urgent and we both prayed that the breakthrough would happen before then. I decided to add this date to my daily prayer list.

As March 23rd approached, I was excited and anxious to see if our prayers would be answered. On the day of March 23rd I asked Brooke if she had received any good news. She said she hadn’t. Admittedly, I was slightly disappointed because in my heart, I knew I heard a divine voice. Maybe my discernment or connection to the divine was off and 3/23 was just a random number but something happened on the very next day. Brooke sent me a text explaining that she had received the breakthrough that we had been praying for. We received the answer to our prayers on 3/24 just one day off of the original date that I heard. I can’t be mad a that!

I’m smiling as I type this because every now and then God’s connection or communication with us can be so crystal clear and it gives us confirmation that God actually exists. I knew prayer worked but had to be reminded that you can get an answer to your prayers right on the spot in an audible format. God is great! Now if only I could figure out how to have a connection to God like this on a daily basis.

Have you ever had God answer one of your prayers on the spot? Have you ever heard God’s voice? Share below!


  1. Mary Burrell
    Mar, 27, 2015 8:33 PM

    Yes, after a really intense fast. Or during my devotion time through scripture

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