Gratitude in 2014 [inspiration/blog]

Gratitude in 2014 [inspiration/blog]

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2014 is among us! This year has so much potential and hope – depending on how courageous, prayerful, and open we want to be. This year I have decided to focus on gratitude…for real this time. I was drawn to this picture  shared on Facebook (other variations exist), courtesy of Mommy in Dubai’s page.Gratitude jar

This image stirred up in me the need and desire to be more grateful, more content, more appreciative, and more mindful of all the wonderful things that occur in my life in 2014.

It’s a goal I want for this and every year.  That and exercising consistently.

What are some of your goals for the new year?  Are you willing to add expressing gratitude to your list?

In case you’re still working on your goals, feel free to reflect back on our 2013 articles for some assistance here and here.  Talk to us below!

Happy New Year!