How Do We Carve Out Time to Study?

How Do We Carve Out Time to Study?

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I would like for my husband and I to read the Bible together and study the word on marriage. How do we find the time?

Finding the time to study the Bible as a couple can be challenging Depending on what is going on in our separate lives, we as couples may find it difficult to simply spend quality time together. Despite the time crunch challenge, we simply must decide to sacrifice, carve out a section of time and stick to it. Brooke and I do what we entitled Worship Wednesdays. We listen to music, we pray, read and have a discussion on the reading.

As it relates to studying marriage we can start by looking at Ephesians 5. We must keep in my the historical context in which any Biblical text is written. Remember when studying marriage in the Bible women were often viewed as property, it was rare that women had a choice in the marriage and fathers would arrange marriages to benefit the families involved. We can learn from the Bible but we must understand when we are trying to fit a square peg into a circle hole as it relates to applying what we have read.