How did I get here… The women made me do it.

How did I get here… The women made me do it.

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How did I get to the point where I would even be interested in pursuing a degree in religion? People call it a calling. Not me it was more like a magnet because I was being pulled in a direction and didn’t even realize where I would end up. God used women to get me here. As crazy as it sounds it’s true because I didn’t hear a voice or have an amazing ‘call’ story.

First up is my grandmother, Ms. Dawson or Sister D. My grandmother had everyone’s kids in church, so of course being a youth I had no choice but to be in church every Sunday with her. She did everything, she was a missionary, an usher, and she helped server on the steward board. You see my church was small so you if you were involved you had to have multiple roles. But she loved doing. I later found out she was helping to pay the rent out of her own pocket.

Years later my grandmother would develop Alzheimer’s. I was furious with God. How could God let some who worked all the time for the church and community be stricken with such a disease? It wasn’t fair. This was around the time I was in college. As she became sicker my relationship with God became more distant. 2002 – 2003 is a gray period for me because of this I’m not sure which came first her passing or me getting back into church. It’s funny what the mind will do to block out situations you don’t like to revisit. Well she did pass and I would some how find my way back to church. Based on the title you guessed it, it was a lady that got the ball rolling.

Insert Girl 1, a co-worker who I had my eye on. She was a few years older than me. You’re not supposed to mess with co-workers, but you couldn’t tell me nothing I was fresh out of school, swagger was real high, or so I thought, so what was stopping me from hollering, nothing. I devised a strategic plan. She sat next to my boss. I knew when he was out or away but I would pop up at his desk and ask Girl 1, “Have you seen my boss”? Smooth right? Those planned visits lead to conversations and eventually her asking me out.  I snagged me an older woman but apparently God had a different purpose for Girl 1. Girl 1 was heavily involved in church. She knew my situation and why I was mad at God but she still invited me to church. I was hesitant but I went. I think I was more into the service than she was. She was complaining about the ladies that were chattering behind us. I was thinking to myself, be quiet I’m trying to listen, you’re chattering just as much as they are! Things wouldn’t work out between us but that was cool because her purpose had been served. It was time for me to find a church of my own and that church was Reid Temple.

Oh man did Reid Temple have some attractive females, but I had to control myself. I had my eye on this one young lady but would dare not approach her, I mean who goes to church to meet women?  Not me.  The approach I had mastered was not set up for this type of environment. Would I ever meet Girl 2? Of course I would because God was at work. I met Girl 2 at some sort of first time home buyers workshop. I was like yes God, you did it! Some how I started a conversation and she recommended that I come out to bible study. She was pretty so I said sure I’ll be there, but thought to myself bible study is for old people. The only people I knew who ever attended were my grandmother and her friends. But that next Wednesday I was there, looking sharp I may add. And guess what Girl 2 didn’t even show up. As I continued to go waiting on seeing her she rarely showed up. Strangely enough I began to enjoy bible study. Girl 2 had served her purpose.

~Sidebar~ I take a break to say I saw my wife Brooke during these earlier times at church but never thought to approach her. The time wasn’t right. I guess God was still working on us separately. But amazingly God gave me a sneak peak. God gives sneak previews that we aren’t ready for.

Insert Girl 3. Girl 3 approached me to become involved in the young people’s department. They needed some men to help them when they went out to feed the homeless. Looking back I can say if a male asked me I wouldn’t have been so moved to help. She had been a member for some time so I told her my interests which were computers and web design. She let me know of some ministries I could become involved in. Being involved made it easier to meet people in the church. Girl 3 had served her role.

Insert Girl 4. So now it is around 2006. We are introduced to one another by mutual friends playing the hook my friend up with someone game. We became a couple. But her purpose wasn’t to be my wife. She was into church but did have her struggles with stuff. So I would try to hunt down scripture references and I would bring her CDs from my church, nothing really seemed to work though. She wasn’t a big reader but amazingly she read the Da Vinci Code in like 3 days. So I took it upon myself to dig into the Bible just as hard. I did want to read it all the way through before I turned 30 anyway. Her purposed had been served. But it wasn’t a clean break up. She cut me off just prior to being in back to back to back weddings of my closest friends. I was furious with God, if my arms were long enough to box with God I might have tried. Come on now I was ministering to this girl and she left me is this the type of reward I get. Man was I angry but I was being prepared and didn’t even know it.

Insert Girl 5, another hook up attempt. This attempt went nowhere. But Girl 5 is mentioned because she was heavy into the church as well. She knew I had an issue with praying out loud, so she said Terrell I’m going to ask God to help you with that. I asked her not do it! Of course she did because amazingly I would lose my fear of praying out loud.

Insert Girl 6. It’s now 2007. I had met Girl 6 at church as well. I knew she previously an interest in me but something was telling me not to pursue her. Girl 6 knew I was into graphics so she took it upon herself to tell the Single’s Ministry I would help them out. Really Girl 6? The Single’s Ministry? And you volunteered me? I helped them begrudgingly. And well, well, well what do you know here comes Brooke to one of our meetings. Girl 6’s purposed had been served.

Brooke and I would become close friends prior to a relationship blooming. She was in seminary and would dispel all of the stereotypes I had about seminarians. They were regular people too. As we developed a relationship I still had no interest in going to school. Brooke has tons of books. Knowing she should have all the answers to my questions because of course people in seminary have all the answers, I asked her about hearing from God. She referred me to a Joyce Myers book, but I hated to read. I made it through the book and found it extremely helpful. She would begin to recommend books to me that she hadn’t even read, and I liked all of them. God was at work here as well. About 20 books later I had a burning desire to learn that couldn’t be quenched by church service or bible study. But I still was hesitant about school, that was Brooke’s thing even though she mentioned me enrolling from time to time.

Fast forward to 2009. I lose my aunt to cancer. I hate dealing with death and funerals but had to be involved this time. I even said a prayer or 2 out loud. Insert Girl… well we’ll say Lady 1 because she was a senior. She approaches me to say, “you and you’re wife did a great job at the service”, I say “thanks”, she says “we can’t wait to hear you preach so be sure and come back” I say “whoa that’s my wife’s thing I’m not even in school”, she says “YOU WILL BE”.