An #InvisibleChurch Made Visible

An #InvisibleChurch Made Visible

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A few weeks ago as I was thinking about the framework 7 Minute Ministries and how it works. It dawned on me that as we are putting out various messages to our online viewing audience, in essence we have the potential to create a virtual church. What is perplexing about this set up is we do not know who our audience is despite the various online tools we can use to conduct an analysis of who visits our site.

As a result of not really knowing who our community is, what we have is what I have called an Invisible Church. People are able to anonymously view whatever we post, be in and out, receive a message and possibly be encouraged without ever having to be heard from. But if this is to be a true ministry eventually there will have to be some call to action to help or perform some sort of outreach. I began to wonder, would we be able to rally an anonymous group of people to conduct an activity for those in need?

Then something happened that let me know rallying an invisible church to become visible is a possible feat. On March 24, 2012 thousands of people rallied in DC in support of Trayvon Martin, most of which were African Americans. For once we were able to set aside our theological beliefs, denominational arguments and form a unit on the common issue of justice, Justice For Trayvon Martin. AME’S, UCC’s, Baptists, 7th Day Adventist, ect., ect. agreeing and forming a bond for one common cause. The call was made by a few young women via twitter and everyone showed up.

So the question is why can’t we, the church show up like this more often?
If 7 Minute Ministries makes a call will the Invisible Church be made visible?