Am I being “Set Apart”?

Am I being “Set Apart”?

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In Romans 1 Paul makes the claim that he is set apart for proclaiming the Gospel and in church I have often heard we as Christians are supposed to be set apart. Well I want no parts of it!

Ok I’m in my second year of seminary now and I’ve noticed a shift in the dynamics of my friendship circle. It has tremendously shrunk! I like to think that I have had nothing to do with this. The only thing I did was get married and I made a conscious decision try and find out the whole truth about God and the Bible. So I dove into the pool of theology by enrolling in seminary. A cold pool at that, as what I have learned by jumping in oh so heroically has a first been a shock to my system. No worries though, I am finally wading and that initial cold shock to my system is beginning to wear off.

Now I highly doubt that being married has anything to do with the friend exodus, but weirdly enough the deeper I seem to go in my search of the Truth the more the dynamics of my friendship circle seem to change.

Really who wants to start over and make new friends? It’s one thing to make a few new friends here and there but to almost have to re-define another circle of trust, who wants to do that?

Now I can say a few have remained and maybe those are the ones who will be with me on the journey for the long haul.

Ok, Ok so I’ve preached a couple of times and became a licensed minister at a church that fights for social justice and believes in equality so much the pastors took a stance to be pro-marriage equality and welcome all regardless of their sexual orientation, but this isn’t a deterrent is it?

Now I say that sarcastically but for anyone who really knows me they should remember that I always asked questions or wasn’t afraid to question authority and tried to view all sides of the spectrum to get a better understanding of things, so this shouldn’t be a shock.

I wonder what happen to Paul’s running mates after he decided to no longer persecute Christians.
The crazy thing is my change wasn’t even that radical!

Signed seeker of a circle of trust!